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Treasure at Tampines Price

Treasure at Tampines Price List

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TypeSize (Sqft)Price From
1 Bedroom463$5XX K
2 Bedroom581$7XX K
3 Bedroom818$9XX K
4 Bedroom1,238$1.4XX M
5 Bedroom1,668$1.8XX M

(All prices for Treasure at Tampines displayed here are for reference purposes. Prices are subject to change from time to time without prior notice. This webpage cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies, omissions and/or dispute.)

Latest Update: 28 August 2023

En-bloc Sale Price

Sim Lian Group acquired the sprawling Tampines Court site in a collective en-bloc sale in 2017 for the price of $970 million, at the time of the deal, was the second largest en-bloc deal in Singapore’s real estate history.

In addition to the $970 million paid, Sim Lian Group also is liable to pay an additional $359 million for the site. Part of the payment is for developmental charges to amend the plot ratio to 2.8 so as to yield more area for redevelopment. Another portion of the $359 million is to top up the land lease from 69 years old to the maximum possible 99 years.

Price Per Plot Ratio

Based on the new plot ratio, Industry watchers projected that the 702,164 square feet size of the site can yield about 2,000 to 2,600 units, the equivalent to a 1,966,077 square foot of Gross Floor Area. This translates to $676 per square foot per plot ratio for the Tampines Street 11 site.

Treasure at Tampines has a unique location in Tampines as there are many amenities in the vicinity. There is also a lack of competition as there are no new launches in the immediate vicinity because there is insufficient land. Furthermore, most of the resale condominiums in Tampines are further away. This factor alone makes Treasure at Tampines an exciting investment option.

For the potential buyers and investors, the key concern after understanding the location and project parameters is the price. What will be the indicative prelaunch price of Treasure at Tampines condo?

Derivative Price for Treasure at Tampines

As mentioned above, the land cost is $970 million exclusively of the $359 million in top-up premiums. In total, the land cost is 1.33 billion which equates to $676 per square foot. This is based on a plot ratio of 2.8.

Layering in the other cost outlays by Sim Lian Group, there is a $682.8 million or $347 per square feet that needs to be added for construction cost. Marketing cost and professional fees should cost Sim Lian another $90 per square foot or $176.4 million. If so, the estimated breakeven cost of Treasure at Tampines should be in the ballpark of $1,113 per square foot.

The indicative selling price when the project is launched can be derived from the breakeven price by adding the margin commanded by Sim Lian Group. Based on 10% margin, Treasure at Tampines will be launched at an average price of $1,224 per square foot. It will be launched at an average price of $1,336 per square foot at 20% developer’s profit. Finally, it can be launched at $1,447 per square foot if Sim Lian Group wants a 30% margin.

A highly possible scenario will be that Sim Lian will launch the project at a lower margin (around $1,224 psf) during the VVIP preview during the launch of Treasure at Tampines. After a critical mass number of units has been sold, Sim Lian will highly likely to raise prices thereafter.

Summary of Treasure at Tampines Breakeven Price and Indicative Selling Price
Land Cost$1,329 million$676 psf
Estimated Construction$682.8 million$347 psf
Estimated Professional Fee/ Marketing / Others$176.4 million$90 psf
Estimated Breakeven Cost$2.18 Billion$1,113 psf
Estimated launch price (10% margin)-$1,224 psf
Estimated launch price (20% margin)-$1,336 psf
Estimated launch price (30% margin)-$1,447 psf

The following is a snapshot of the historical highest per square foot transacted for private condominiums in Tampines. These transactions form baseline support for the indicative prices of Treasure at Tampines.

Private & Executive Condominiums in Tampines and Historical Highest $PSF
CondoTOP dateHistorical Highest $psfDateType
Waterview at Tampines20141,194May 13Condo
Q Bay Residences20161,345Jun 18Condo
Arc at Tampines2014942Apr 18EC
The Tropica20001,001Jun 13Condo
The Santorini20171,274Apr 14Condo
The Tapestry20221,797Oct 18Condo
The Alps Residents20201,301Oct 18Condo
Pinevale1997964May 12EC
The Tampines Trilliant20151,150Jun18EC
CITYLIFE@Tampines2016930Jul 13EC
The Eden At Tampines2003937Apr 13EC


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